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Black lungs, Black hoodie.

drugs are better than friends

Ms. Liquid Courage
17 June 1985
That tattooed gypsy girl thats usually drunk, lives out of a bag and on the road..
always smokin on that buddha screaming love life.


I'd bleed myself dry for you.

adventures, animals, art, baking/cooking, books, charitable causes, cocktails/wine, coffee/coffee dates, confidence, culture, family, fashion, flavored natural teas, flowers, food, foreign language/traditions/culture/history, friends/friendships, girldates, hair, history, holidays, independence, jewlery, kenith clyde lewis iii, kisses from kc3po, makeup, marilyn monroe, meeting new people, modeling, movie's, music, my doggies, nature, photography, shoes, shopping, sidekick, sports, tattoos, the discoalliance, throwing swank dinner/cocktail parties., tradition, traveling, u of m football, vintage shops/thrift stores